The Artisan

All Serious Stone works are handcrafted by Mitch Bothun in Janesville, WI. Mitch designs, forms and installs stonework without the use of Computer Numerical Control (CNCs) cutting tools. If you appreciate quality and craftsmanship, this approach is undeniable.

CNC cutting tools chisel away stone in a repetitive back-and-fourth motion like a lawnmower, cutting away material one layer at a time. This linear repetition leaves distinct lines on the surface of a finished work between drilled out grooves. As CNC machines wear, these lines become more apparent. Even a skilled operator is bound to see imperfections in a finished piece crafted by a CNC tool.

Mitch has ten years of industry experience. After programming and operating CNC tools himself for years, he concluded in order to make stonework that met his quality standard, he had to step away and craft by hand. A machine cannot compare to the hands of a craftsman.

I’m looking at perfect art – Robert Starks

The Work

Myriad works travel through the workshop day to day. Landscape sculptures, fountains, counter-tops, lawn ornaments—you name it, Mitch owns his craft and takes on all things stone seriously.

Visit the portfolio page to see examples of his work and follow daily progress on the Serious Stone Facebook page.