Serious Stone designs custom stonework for a range of applications. Owner and principle, Mitch Bothun, will consult with you face-to-face to determine the functional, practical and creative strategy for your project.

Some of Serious Stone’s work includes:

Home Furnishing

Adding a sleek polished marble counter-top or a natural unpolished granite water feature adds natural warmth and rustic texture to a living space. Serious Stone will partner with you to incorporate stonework in your home as you construct or renovate. » Meet with Mitch to direct and execute your vision.

Custom Contracting

Ten years of experience in stonework opens up all sorts of opportunities to demonstrate mastering the craft. If you have an idea that you don’t see represented on the Serious Stone site, share it with Mitch, he’s up for a challenge.

Landscape Architecture

Serious Stone works with landscape designers and corporations looking to add a distinguishing feature to an entryway, public garden, memorial or walkway. Take the opportunity to own a completely original piece of art.

Retail & Office

Customize your lobby, signage or dining hall with an original stone feature. Serious Stone designs water features and a variety of eye-catching artworks to complement the mood of your marketplace.

Real Estate

Outdoor stone features can serve the dual purpose of functionality and art. A sculpture at the entrance or center of a housing complex is a landmark for visitors, an object that brands the community builder, and a piece of art for the homeowners to enjoy. Sculpture, entry sign, address plaque, whatever stone accent you choose, you are sure to add customized value to your brand.

Home & Garden

Stone garden ornaments and bird baths can be as exquisite as they are charming with Serious Stone. Remember a pet or loved one, weave a stone path among your lilies or construct a bird-bath fortress—set up a meeting with Mitch to discuss your space.